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It's bad that Christina wakes up on the bed of a stranger; worse that she finds out her husband Cory is chearting on her and it's Cory who plots all these. But the worst is that she gets pregnant. And the father of her baby is the stranger who turns out to be Cory's cousin-Patrick. What will Christina do?
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Jenna was drugged by her fiancé that she had never met. After running away in a panic, she bumped into a stranger's hug.
9.1 456k 46 One-night-stand
Her life was in a living hell when I caught her fiancé and sister sleeping together. She was kicked out and met a man who promised her to get revenge. Who is he? What will he do?
9.7 378k 119 Revenge
Having caught her boyfriend cheating on her with her sister, she began to plan her revenge.
9.6 287k 97 Betrayal Love
Sofa Exclusive
Grace and Jefferson were a happily married couple until the day he demanded a divorce from her.
9.6 449 Second Chance
Six years ago, Chelsea exchanged her baby for a contract to save her father and the family business.
9.6 118 Contract Marriage
She was schemed by her half-sister and her boyfriend. Thus, she slept with a drunk man and lost her virginity.
9.4 62 One-night-stand
"Be my wife, and you can get out of the 1 million debt."
9.2 56 Contract Marriage
Amy always believes her life is perfect. That is until she finds out her husband Jacob has been cheating on her with his colleague.
9.5 20 Revenge
When Tracy wakes up from a crash, she's married to Hugo and becomes the mother of a six-year-old boy.
9.3 26 Love Trap
New Release
"C...Can you pretend to be my boyfriend? I can pay you..." " What if your mother asks me to marry you?"
9.6 Sweet Love
Six years ago, Chelsea exchanged her baby for a contract to save her father and the family business.
9.4 Second Chance
From hell to heaven, how far? How long will it take? For Alice Laris, the answer is three years.
9.5 Revenge
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Zenovia is devastated when she learned she may not be able to conceive in the future. She must have a baby ASAP.
9.3 5 One-night-stand
This story is about 18 year old Zaiden taking on a dare to date one of his classmates just for fun.
9.4 9 college romance
She always thought she was forced to marry a 60 years old man until one night that evil and cold-hearted young man broke into her room.
9.4 11 Forced Marriage
Arella Rogue violated rules once and shared a passionate night with a strange. After seven years, some twisted fate brings them together.
9.2 4 One-night-stand
She thought she would get the money after a crazy night, but he only threw her a marriage contract and forced her to sign on it.
9.4 7 Army Romance
The man I truly love betrays me for business purposes.That's when he shows up.
9.5 5 Sweet Love